The construction man is a fun role to get. The construction Man performs construction on a house of his choosing. All the people in the house having construction get moved to the other house he picks. This means that if the players that get moved, move to a Serial Killers house (Or any other killing roles), they will die. The Construction Man does not move with the people moving.

  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Goal: Survive until the game ends
  • Summary: A guy who loves to work on houses
  • Abilities:
    • Pick one house to perform construction, then pick another house
    • Everyone in the construction house (besides the Construction Man), will be moved to the other house the Construction Man Selected
    • If the players are moved to a house with a killing role (Serial Killer , Veteran (while on alert), etc.), all the moved players (Besides the Construction Man), will be killed.
  • Win Conditions:
    • You win with the Mafia
    • You win with the Serial Killers
    • You win with the Arsonists
    • You win with the Werewolf's
    • You win with the Town
    • You win with the Survivors
  • Story:

A guy named Fred was bored, he wanted a job. He asked a Veteran, "Hey Friend, do you know any jobs I can get?" The veteran responded with, "You can get a job as a construction man. Construction men help everyone and are fun! You can push people out of their home to perform construction." Fred said, "Good idea!"