Role Requests

This is where I add roles that should be added to the game, yet are not required to be added.


  • Alignment = Neutral Benign
  • Goal = Survive to see the Town win the game
  • Summary = An idiot who is given the wrong role
  • Abilities =
    • At the beginning of the game, you are given a random town role
    • You will not know you are an Idiot
    • you will be shown as an Idiot when you die
    • It appears you do the Job of the role you're given, but you don't.
  • Example =
    • If the Idiot was a transporter, he would get two buttons, but they wouldn't do anything.
  • Categories = Night Immunity, but will not know (if they are attacked it won't say they're attacked)
  • See more on the Idiot page



  • Alignment = Neutral Killing
  • Goal = Be the last alive
  • Summary = A person who can't stand each other
  • Abilities =
    • Kill Someone Each night
    • It is required to have 0 or 2 Angels in a game to run.
    • If two Angels visit the same house, their target survives and the Angels die.
  • Notes =

If two angels kill each other, the message says: "They were killed by another Angel"

Construction Man

  • Alignment = Neutral Evil
  • Goal = Survive until the game ends
  • Summary = A guy who loves to work on houses
  • Abilities =
    • Pick one house to perform construction, then pick another house
    • Everyone in the construction house (besides the Construction Man), will be moved to the other house the Construction Man Selected
    • If the players are moved to a house with a killing role (Serial Killer,Veteran (while on alert), etc.), all the moved players (Besides the Construction Man), will be killed.
  • Categories = Witch Immunities
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